Propane Tank Removal

Poor site conditions, tight working area and looming deadline made the removal a challenge.

On-site excavator was used to improve site and rolling blocks were used to reposition tank.

Access to the site was limited, ground stability was poor and working area was tight. Marino had the excavator spread the dirt removed around the tanks in the set-up area for the crane for additional shoring. Mats were utilized along with multiple steel plates for outrigger pads. We determined that the 300 ton Demag Hydraulic Crane was the appropriate equipment for the job.

The tanks were originally set on saddles and had to be disconnected. Once removed from the saddle the tanks were sitting partially in the hole with a high water table thus making it difficult to get chokers around the tank. With the help of an excavator on-site we were able to render the chokers around the tank by shackling the choker to the bucket.

The tanks then needed to be rotated from the 12 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position in order for them to sit properly on the dolly trailers. Provided rolling blocks so we can rotate the tank in the hole to its proper orientation. The use of the rolling blocks saved the customer time and money.

The trailers had to be loaded by Wednesday to make it to Western PA by Saturday (We mobilized on Tuesday). We were able to meet the expectations that were outlined by the customer by making appropriate site visits to qualify the job, meeting with the town engineer to obtain a full set of drawings and selecting the proper crane, work force and necessary rigging equipment to make the lift safe, effective and efficient.