Bridge Removal & Replacement

Remove 93,000k, 60ft. bridge which had power lines both above and below.

A Pull-up gantry and a slide was used.

The Marino Team was contracted for the removal of the Hales Road Bridge over Metro-North Railroad in Westport, CT. The bridge was estimated to weigh 93k and measured 60L x 25W. The project was complicated by the presence of power lines both above and below the bridge, and standard means of removal were eliminated.

A 135 span of 5 ft girder was assembled to remove the bridge. The girder configuration could not be set with a crane alone, instead the full length girder (144-2) was cantilevered approximately 80 off of a 6-line trailer and driven across the bridge. The girder configuration was counterbalanced with a 22k counterweight at the opposite end.

Pull-Up Gantries with a W14x398 header beam were placed at each end of the girder configuration; the 398 beam had Marino slide track welded to the top flange. The ends of the 5 ft girder were set atop the rocker assembly on the slide shoe for the slide track. The Pull-Up Gantries allowed each end to be raised/lowered, the rocker assembly did not restrict rotation of the girder over the long span and the slide track allowed for left/right movements.