I-10 Bridge Rebuild following Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan struck the Pensacola area with a Category 4 storm that was one of the most devastating in recent history for the Florida panhandle. The storm had a storm surge of more than 20' that severely damaged the I-10 bridge over Escambia Bay washing out more than 50 segments of the bridge and dislocating at least 60 others. The Florida DOT contracted with a joint venture of Gilbert Massman to get at least one of the two bridges open in less than 24 days. The JV quickly contacted Barnhart to assist with the alignment of repositioning of the dislocated 60' long 225t segments that were shifted by the storm.

Using a combination of methods for skidding and relocating the segments Barnhart mobilized two tugs, barges, Goldhofer trailer and a custom skidding system to respond to the disaster. Eighteen days after the storm the west bound lane of the bridge was reopened and all of the east bound segments that remained were back in position ready for the Gilbert Massman team to install the temporary Acrow Bridge system.

The quick response allowed traffic to flow seven days ahead of schedule.