Heavy Lift Cranes

With over 30 years of industry experience, Barnhart Crane and Rigging specializes in placing heavy lift cranes in the tightest of locations. In addition to a wide range of crane capacities, Barnhart's tower and heavy lift attachments, specialized rigging, and customized lifting solutions put us far above the competition. Like most of our services, our customizable services and in-house engineering make us one of the most advanced companies in the heavy industry. But not only does Barnhart provide top-notch management and planning, we also have one of the safest track records in the country. Also like our other services, check books appreciate our rare combination of expert engineering and management with the right equipment. Our sophisticated, high-volume equipment, customizable rigging and lift solutions, and our commitment to safety will finish practically any job at a practical price.

Services We Provide with Heavy Lift Cranes:

  • Hydraulic Cranes to 500 Tons
  • Crawler Cranes to 800 Tons
  • Ringer Cranes to 1,760 Tons
  • Port of Memphis Derrick Crane of 1,250 Ton Capacity
  • CCO Certified Operators
  • Tower and Heavy Lift Attachments
  • Engineered Lift Planning
  • Steel Matting Systems
  • Specialized Rigging
  • Customized Heavy Lift Solutions
  • Heavy Lift Supervision