Heavy Cargo Logistics

When it comes to heavy cargo, Barnhart knows how to get it moved. But not only do we have the "know-how," we have the complicated tools to finish almost any job. A 400 ton Heavy Lift Barge Crane, a unique heavy lift terminal with a 1,250 ton Derrick crane, self-propelled modular transporters, dolly transporters, specialized transformer trailers, electronic steer platform trailers (PSTe Goldhofer), and advanced barge and rail logistics are just a few of the phenomenal tools we have on hand to complete a job. On top of that, we have nationwide flexibility with 25 branches across the country, stretching from Portland, Oregon, to Middletown, Connecticut. Not many can match Barnhart's unique blend of custom engineering, its full arsenal of equipment, and its numerous locations. From port of entry to final destination, we have the expertise, equipment, and nationwide flexibility to manage all the logistics of your project.

Services We Provide in Heavy Cargo Logistics:

  • Memphis Heavy Lift Terminal Featuring 1,250 Ton Derrick Crane
  • 400 Ton Heavy Lift Floating Crane - Mobile, AL
  • Rail and Barge Securement Services
  • Rail, Land and Water Transportation
  • Turnkey Services from Manufacturer to Anchor Bolts
  • Heavy Industrial Warehousing with Rail and Water Access
  • Multiple Locations serving the nation

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